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In 2018, four performers with over 100 years of combined life discovered that they have spent their whole lives entertaining people comedically around the world. They have attracted comedians, clowns, and characters internationally through their adventures. This is when they combined their networks, creating an official community of performers: 

Comedy for Communities International.

Our founders Hunter Gates, a Lecoqian pedagog; Heidi Macklin & Cheryl Schruefer, graduates of Ringling Barnum & Bailey Clown College; and Jacci Andersen of Andersen-Wellness, set a goal of equipping worldwide communities with the tools to create their own blend of comedy that will continue to fuel them for years to come. This means encouraging participants to challenge themselves and inspire them to take initiative; to find their own way. The company moves away from the idea of performance as healing self-expression and towards one that can take on wider themes of celebration, connection, creativity, and strength of fellowship.

Our colleagues are driven by their determination to combine their talents and creativity to bring laughter and relief to communities that have lived through catastrophic events, undergone hardship, and risen above. We offer workshops & training, performance creation, and events; all of which focus on celebrating the resilience of these communities. We encourage them to take an imaginative and innovative approach to life by creating and telling their stories, and 

“finding the funny”.

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