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Choose a monthly amount and see how your gift makes a difference!

To ensure that we can plan our ongoing operations and deliver expert performers in response to natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies, monthly contributions are essential. When you become a Partner with Comedy for Communities your gift will have an ongoing impact. 

Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of C4C.​


Can send a performer into the local community, touching lives when they need it most.


Can create day-workshops for specific community groups that are feeling lost and forgotten.


Can send performers to do workshops and shows to communities in a celebration that they are not forgotten after first-responders have pulled out.

Your monthly gift makes it possible for C4C to deliver needed humanitarian assistance in many countries around the world. It means we can plan for the unplanned and be ready to act whenever and wherever the needs are the highest. Our independence is made possible by donors just like you.

Choose a one time amount and see how your gift makes a difference!

Your one-time donation will help support C4C's humanitarian work. Every single donation we receive is important and will make a difference in the lives of people who need our help.


Can provide workshop supplies for high energy workshops world-wide.


Can cover the cost of a performer to do workshops, presentations, or performances for teens.


Can provide site specific shows that bring communities together for a day of celebrating who they are and what they have come through.


Can provide transportation for performers to get to remote areas to perform.


Our Minimum Donation is $10


We want to create the best societies we can and with your donation, we can support those who are rebuilding their lives after tragedy has struck in their community. This is a huge endeavour, but with your help, we can reach people all over the world and discover ways to find the funny and pass it on.

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