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Community Applications

Application submission is open all year long

Application Information

We have a simple application process, you just need to send us the application information via email at

Eligibility and Criteria can be found below. If you need further details or have questions please call us at 

1 833 242 0968 or email

Please note we have a limited number of spaces per year and will not be able to accept everyone who applies.

For artists

It would be great to collaborate with you. Get in touch at


Comedy for Communities International provides laughter relief assistance to community groups and organizations in the form of events, workshops, and projects which benefit the citizens and visitors of their communities, large and small.


Community groups and organizations in the arts, cultural, recreational, or social services field may apply for laughter relief assistance on the following criteria:

  • There is a need after unforeseen circumstances have affected the community and its people, currently or in the past.

  • The group or organization works in the field of community service.

  • The majority of the members of the group or organization reside in the municipality.

  • Laughter relief for an event and/or workshops is to be held within the communities, except for individuals or groups representing regional, national or international, events where the individual or team is the current community champion.

  • Groups or organizations will be considered throughout the year. Consideration will be given to those that can demonstrate that a special project or event will not or has not occurred in the same calendar year.


Application submission is open all year long.

All applications shall be submitted with the following information and documentation:

1.The name of the person or organization.

2.The service the organization provides to the community.

3.The number of people expected.

4.The benefits in the community resulting from the visit.

5.The degree of community support or sponsorship.


• Applications providing programs for specific community groups or the entire community.

• Organization has a number of volunteers and a base of community support.

• Accessible to a large portion of the community's residents.

The Process

All applications will be forwarded to the Selection Committee for review. Incomplete applications will not be forwarded for consideration. The Selection Committee will review each application and make recommendations to the Board.

To Apply or if you have any questions, please contact us at

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