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In addition to our Board of Directors, we have committees, advisories, and working groups that serve the priorities of the membership and the mission of Comedy for Communities.  Each committee is chaired by a member of the C4C Board of Directors and meets at different times throughout the year.



When you join the Community Selection Committee, you will get to look at applications from communities all over the world and be key in helping C4C Int’l decide where they will head to next. While the board will have the final say in the projects C4C Int’l commits to, the Selection Committee’s ‘shortlist’ of applications is imperative to ensure that C4C Int’l is reaching a wide range of communities worldwide as effectively as possible.


The Membership Committee is responsible for spreading the word about C4C Int’l, with the goal of recruiting new Members. This committee acts as the voice of our members, reporting to the board to ensure member satisfaction, and recognizing outstanding volunteers.


By being on the Fundraising Committee you will help create, plan, and organize different events and exciting new fundraisers that will help Comedy for Communities International continue to uplift communities all over the world.


The Diversity Committee addresses issues relating to the idea of diversity within the artistic practice, equity, and cultural diversity as identified by the membership. The committee works to inform, educate, and support the membership on such issues, to offer creative solutions to challenges surrounding diversity, and to recommend policies to the Board and membership.


Committee members serve as an advocate for the organization and act as a liaison for their communities, ensuring regional issues are communicated to C4C Int’l and addressed through our work.


The C4C Int’l Advisory Committee serves to make recommendations to the board of directors. This committee meets once per year following the AGM, and may evaluate future performance of specific programs, events, and outreach activities. The board may also contact the committee periodically for insight as required.


Working Groups

In addition to each committee, Comedy for Communities creates ad-hoc groups from time to time that deals with relevant issues. These groups tend to have specific focuses and defined timelines and usually dissolve once the work of the group is complete. Past working groups have centered on issues of advocacy, diversity, fundraising, and C4C's international presence.

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Each committee addresses major issues facing the C4C membership as well as Communities worldwide as a whole and strives to create a better environment in which comedy performance can be created. 

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